5 reasons why our training courses can make a difference to your career!

Critical care medicine is an upcoming specialized branch of medicine in India. It is important for professionals to update themselves with advancement in this field to be able to deliver their best in a crisis.

5 Reasons Why Our Training Courses Can Make a Difference To Your Career!

  1. Trainee centric content

Our courses are designed with the latest information and methodologies to give optimum results. With pre and post course evaluation you can measure your own performance.

 2. Learn from the best

We have qualified educators and trainers who have mentored hundreds of young prospective intensivists and have published text books on critical and emergency care.

3. Experience you can count on

We have carried out more than 500 courses over the last 250 years in India and abroad. We have trained over 10000 medical professionals. In addition, we are connected to National and International leadership in professional groups of Intensivists.

4. Value for Money
Our courses are short termed but impactful and moderately priced to deliver the best value.

5. Long -term partnership

We believe in taking responsibility of cultivating our trainees into members.  We follow up with our trained members to ensure we continuously engage with them to clarify queries, enroll them in societies and provide guidance for future training/research etc.

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