In the current Covid situation we should revisit
our targets which may be following

  • To reduce panic, confusion, misinformation amongst common man
  • To give a clear guideline about who should require Hospitalization for Covid
  • To let people at large understand that Remedesivir is “No Sanjivani”

I have some suggestions for consideration
of all of you

  • SPO2 Monitoring is the single most important parameter which can be used
    to decide who should be hospitalized
  • WITH More than 96% SPO2 Patients require only isolation and don’t require
    any investigations including HRCT
  • Patients with less than 94 should be recommended Hospitalization
  • Patients with SPO2 94 TO 96 SHOULD be closely monitored in his house
  • Associated comorbidities may have a bearing on decision making
  • Remedesivir is a drug on trial as yet and its efficacy is subject of debate
  • Steroids not to be used if no hypoxia on room air
  • Remdesivir is only useful in select group of patients
  • Convalescent plasma has absolutely no role in critical patients

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