Why constant updation is important in Critical Care

Critical Care – a Crucial Discipline in Medicine

Critical Care Medicine is a well recognized specialty in medicine. In emergencies, patients count on you to save their lives. With the technological advances taking place you need to be abreast and fully trained to carry out clinical procedures in life-altering emergencies. You need to have a multidisciplinary approach for every patient, unlike super specialists. Proficiency to recognise irregularities in a patient’s recovery process and to skilfully intervene without wasting time is critical in saving a patient’s life.

Hence regular training is important so you can 

Meet expectations – Training is vital for medical professionals to meet the aspirations and practical needs of a critical or emergency care department.

Enhance your career –  As a medical professional being skilled in critical care can boost your career and open better avenues.

Boost your confidence – Critical care professionals have knowledge and skills to work under emergencies and proper training helps to acquire the required skills, thus accelerating your confidence.

Seize opportunities – Critical Care is the central branch of medicine. There are significant opportunities in critical care research in India and abroad.


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